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Breast Reduction Surgery

Balanced ratio and beautiful breast shape


Breast Reduction Surgery
for Balance with the Body

We reduce large breast tissue to create toned and beautiful breasts.

What are large breasts?

Breasts are considered as large if one breast weighs over 400 cc.
The distance between the upper breast and the lower breast is also used to diagnose large breasts.

가슴사이즈 표
Size Distance between upper breast-lower breast
A cup 10CM
B cup 12.5CM
C cup 15CM
D cup 17.5CM
E cup 20CM
F cup 22.5CM
G cup 25CM

Natural-looking, beautiful

INIQUE Breast Surgery

  • Aesthetic sense, pursuing natural beauty

    We pursue natural beauty that looks inherent from birth.

  • Received commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare

    Extensive eye surgery experience & surgical expertise Recognized through textbooks and thesis presentations

  • Operating Surgeon in Let Me In Thailand Seasons 1-3

    Representative plastic surgery rehabilitation program “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors

INIQUE Safe Breast Reduction Surgery

INIQUE Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery Method

  • Areola Incision

    Incise the areola in a circle for reduction.

    If the reduction volume is not big, incision is made along the areola to hide scarring

  • Vertical Incision

    Incise 4-5 cm of the lower areola vertically for reduction.

    Suitable for severely large breasts

  • ‘O’ shape Incision

    Incise the areola and the line under the breast for reduction.

    Suitable if breasts are drooping

    Possible for the most reduction

    Possible to adjust the areola position

  • Liposuction

    Suck fact cells to reduce the volume of the breast.

    Used as an assistive method if there is not much fat tissue

    Almost no visible scarring

Flawless Breast Surgery
INIQUE Breast Care

INIQUE Breast Care 01

Meticulous and Safe Surgery Process

  • Sterilized Surgery Environment

    Air purifiers and air sterilizers are installed in all operating rooms to prevent fine dust and block the possibility of infection through the air.

  • FULL-HD Endoscopy

    We directly check the site for dissection through Full HD endoscopy. Minimizes bleeding to prevent capsular contracture.

  • Safe Anesthesia System

    An anesthesiologist takes care of the patient’s condition throughout and after the surgery.

INIQUE Breast Care 02

Scar Care of Incision Site

Importance of Scar Care
for Breast Reduction Surgery

Scar care after breast reduction surgery is extremely important.
Scars fade with delicate and thorough care.

  • 01

    Thorough taping and regeneration care

    We take serious care not to leave even fine scars using post-surgery taping, silicon sheet and ointment.

  • 02

    Post-surgery care with SMARTLUX laser

    We have two SMARLUX lasers to provide active care for faster healing after breast surgery.

  • 03

    Scar care with Mosaic Fraxel laser

    Mosaix Fraxel laser is used to leave no scars.


Focuses on natural-looking beauty


  • Extensive cases and expertise from first surgery to revision surgery
  • Operating Surgeon on “Let Me In Thailand” Seasons 1-3
  • Received award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Officially
    recognized expertise through textbooks and thesis presentations
  • Patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office for unique facial contouring surgery techniques
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