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3D CT Short-Chin
Correctional Surgery

3D CT examination is used to make an accurate analysis and
chose an appropriate technique for short-chin correction.


Do you feel like something is
missing due to a short chin?

A perfect facial contour is completed with the chin! If the tip of chin (front chin) is receded,
the mouth protrudes out and the jawline appears unclear.
INIQUE checks the degree of the chin’s shortness via 3D CT and recommends a surgery method suitable for each patient.


Self diagnosis of a short chin

  • If the tip of chin is blunt and short
  • If the upper lip looks protruded due to the receded lower chin
  • If the mouth protrudes out and cannot be closed easily
  • If the shape of the mouth looks unnatural, looks expressionless, and disgruntled.
  • If the boundary between jawline and neck is not clear and a double chin forms.
  • If the length of the chin looks shorter than that of the face.
  • If a cobblestone chin is formed when closing the mouth.

One pick, INIQUE 3D CT Short Chin Correctional Surgery
Changes the Shape of the Face

INIQUE’s short chin correctional surgery plans and executes a multi-dimensional design
to produce lines that appear perfect from any direction.

  • Select a surgery method according
    to the overall ratio of the face
  • Plan a sleek V line from the frontal side
  • Design the chin by considering the height
    of the upper lip and forehead
  • Make accurate measurements and analysis
    through 3D CT

Short Chin Correction Solution by INIQUE by Case

Natural-looking beautiful

INIQUE’s Short Chin
Correctional Surgery expertise

3D CT inspection for
accurate analysis of the bone structure

  • Introduction of Green16 model to reduce radioactive exposure through fast photographing speed
  • Multidimensional diagnosis of the bone structure with 3D CT
  • Facial contour correction based on an accurate diagnosis
    of bone structure
  • Filler

    • If short chin is not severe
    • If surgery is burdensome
  • Prosthesis

    • If a patient does not want bone surgery
    • If a patient wants a permanent effect with a simple method
  • Osteotomy

    • If a patient feels uncomfortable about prosthesis or may experience of side effects
    • If a patient wants a design that produces a perfect chin tip
  • LINE

We decide a surgery method and the type and size of prosthesis according to the degree of the chin’s shortness.
In the case of osteotomy, we maintain the distance between nerves and bone cut line as far away
from each other as possible to prevent the possibility of nerve damage.

  • Aesthetic sense pursuing natural beauty

    We pursue natural beauty that
    looks like you were born with it

  • Operating surgeon for facial contouring surgeries in “Let Me In Thailand” Season 1-3

    Doctor on the medical team on “Let Me In Thailand,” a Representative plastic surgery rehabilitation program “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors

  • Extensive surgical experience & proven expertise

    Officially recognized technology through thesis presentations and trademark registrations

Patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office

INIQUE’s unique technique!

INIQUE Short Chin Correctional SurgeryPatent No : 40-2019-0090992

유형별 무턱교정 방법

무턱교정 방법 01

Short Chin Correctional Filler

Non-surgical filler can be used to correct a not severely short chin on a patient who does not want surgery

  • 01

    Convenient correction with an injection!

    Almost painless and patient can return to a daily routine immediately after treatment.

  • 02

    A long-lasting effect with permanent filler

    The use of a permanent filler, such as artecoll, can provide
    a long-lasting effect.

  • 03

    Not recommended for severely short chins.

    If a patient has severely short chin, it requires a large
    amount of filler injection which can result in a blunt chin.
    Surgery method is recommended in such cases.

무턱교정 방법 02

INIQUE Minimal Incision Short Chin Correctional Surgery

  • Surgery time

    Approx. 15

  • Minimal


  • Recovery

    Within 1 week

Minimal Incision Short Chin Correctional Surgery is a method of correcting a short chin by forming a pocket
with a minimal incision to hold a prosthesis. The customized silicon prosthesis is inserted in the
pocket to fix a short chin.

  • Patented from the Patent Office

    INIQUE’s unique technique

    INIQUE Minimal Incision Short Chin Correctional Surgery is INIQUE’s patented method.

  • Inside the mouth, no scars,

    1.5 cm Minimal Incision

    Swelling, recovery time and pain are reduced through a minimal incision of 1.5cm inside the mouth, not on the skin.

  • No fixation required

    Creation of a perfect pocket

    A perfect pocket is formed to hold a customized prosthesis without having to use additional fixation. Short surgery time and little swelling after a surgery.

무턱교정 방법 03

Chin Tip Advancement Surgery

  • Surgery time

    30 minutes

  • Recovery time

    Within one week

  • Asymmetrical


Chin Tip Advancement Surgery is a facial contouring method that cuts the front chin bone,
moves it forward, and then fixes the bone down.
The chin can be slimmed down and asymmetrical bone structure can be corrected by reshaping the bone,
so the shape of chin can be more satisfactory compared to prosthetic surgery.

  • 01Blunt tip, receded lower jaw

  • 02Move forward after reshaping the tip of chin bone

  • 03Fixate after advancing according to a design

무턱교정 방법 04

INIQUE Triangular Advancement Surgery

  • Unique surgery

    patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office

  • Intricate surgery

    Slim chin tip

  • Minimal danger of nerve damage

General Chin Tip Advancement Surgery may make the tip of chin look wide, as the area that moves forward is wide.
However, INIQUE triangular advancement surgery is INIQUE’s representative surgery that makes the tip of
chin look slimmer by changing the design of osteotomy to a triangular shape and by reducing the area of advancement.

  • General Chin Tip Advancement Surgery
    • The incision area is near nerves.
    • Due to a wide incision area, the chin may look big after a surgery.
  • INIQUE Triangular Advancement Surgery
    • The incision area is far from nerves offering minimal possibility of nerve damage.
    • Can design the tip of chin to be slimmer.


Focuses on natural-looking beauty


  • More than 1,000 eye surgeries and revision surgeries in one year
  • Operating surgeon on “Let Me In Thailand” Seasons 1-3
  • Received award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Officially
    recognized expertise through textbooks and thesis presentations
  • Unique technology patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office
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