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Jaw Surgery

Provides a dramatic effect that can be seen from both to the frontal
and lateral sideswhile providing a natural V-line


Making the face appear slimmer from
the front without using a secondary angle,

INIQUE Long-curved Square Jaw + Corticotomy

  • Angle Resection

    A surgical resection of the lower jaw.
    Related to the jawline of the lateral side

  • Corticotomy

    Resection of the outermost cortex of the three layers
    of the lower jaw, directly related to the frontal effect

By operating both an angle resection and corticotomy, the surgery can produce a natural frontal effect

Natural-looking beautiful

Features of Long-curved Square Jaw Surgery

An accurate analysis with 3D CT and a selection
of a correction method customized for each patient

3D CT inspection for
accurate analysis of the bone structure

  • Introduction of Green16 model to reduce radioactive exposure through fast photographing speed
  • Multidimensional diagnosis of the bone structure with 3D CT
  • Facial contour correction based on an accurate diagnosis
    of bone structure
  • Aesthetic sense pursuing natural beauty

    We pursue natural beauty that
    looks like you were born with it

  • Operating surgeon for facial contouring surgeries in “Let Me In Thailand” Season 1-3

    Doctor on the medical team on “Let Me In Thailand,” a Representative plastic surgery rehabilitation program “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors

  • Extensive surgical experience & proven expertise

    Officially recognized technology through thesis presentations and trademark registrations

아이니크 사각턱수술 방법

01 INIQUE Corticotomy

Excellent improvement effect of the frontal facial line

If we compare a face to a ball, the ear lobe angle is not the widest area from a frontal view, as shown in the picture.
It is located behind the widest area. Accordingly, angle resection cannot reduce the width of the lower jaw,
except a few individuals who have an ear lobe angle on the outer side.
INIQUE Square Jaw surgery can produce a maximal frontal effect, as it conducts a full thickness corticotomy.

Angle Resection

When operating an angle resection, the resected area is not visible from the frontal angle.


In the case of corticotomy, the areas that are visible from the frontal view are effectively reduced.

INIQUE Long-curved Square Jaw Surgery

1.5 cm-Detail of INIQUE Square Jaw Surgery

An unnatural-looking chin shape that is produced by cutting off all the ear lobe angle is called a “dog chin.” What is a cause?
This is because people tend to think that cutting off a large area of the ear lobe angle will make the face appear slimmer.
The ear lobe angle and a frontal side effect are not directly related. The ear lobe angle should be remained. If too much of the ear lobe angle is removed, a secondary angle will remain and the slant of the resection line will be too steep.
INIQUE Long-curved Square Jaw Surgery leaves approximately 1.5 cm under the ear lobe to produce a natural look that smoothly connects to the front chin.

정면에서 보아도 갸름한 얼굴라인

INIQUE Long-curved Square Jaw Surgery

  • 01

    Slim V-line up to the front of the chin

  • 02

    Natural jaw line without a secondary angle, even in the case of dog chin

  • 03

    Neat line, even on the X-ray, with no fixation necessary

INIQUE Square Jaw Surgery Case


This case shows a noticeable facial line change is achieved when using INIQUE’s
Long-curved Square Jaw Surgery + Corticotomy.

  • Before

    Long-curved Square
    Jaw Surgery + Corticotomy

  • After

    Long-curved Square
    Jaw Surgery + Corticotomy


The combination of Long-curved Square Jaw Surgery and
Corticotomy produces a natural, slim facial contour.

  • Before

    Corticotomy + Tip of the Chin
    Advancement Surgery

  • After

    Corticotomy + Tip of the Chin
    Advancement Surgery


Focuses on natural-looking beauty


  • More than 1,000 eye surgeries and revision surgeries in one year
  • Operating surgeon on “Let Me In Thailand” Seasons 1-3
  • Received award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Officially
    recognized expertise through textbooks and thesis presentations
  • Unique technology patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office
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