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Volume Fat Graft

Lively, charming line
with natural volume


Natural Baby Face Surgery
With Autologous Fat

Autologous fat graft is a surgery method for extracting pure fat from fat-rich parts like the thighs and hip, and transplanting the fat to volumeless parts like the forehead, temples, frontal cheeks, smile lines, cheeks, chin, above the eyes, etc.
Creates a lively and young image by adding volume and shaping a slim face line.

Fat Graft Procedure Area

Natural-looking, beautiful

INIQUE Volume Fat Graft

Participated as co-translator for publication of fat graft medical textbook

Special Change, INIQUE Volume Fat Graft

  • Aesthetic sense, pursuing natural beauty

    We pursue natural beauty
    that looks inherent from birth.

  • Received commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare

    Extensive eye surgery experience & surgical expertise Recognized through textbooks and thesis presentations

  • Operating Surgeon in Let Me In Thailand Seasons 1-3

    Representative plastic surgery rehabilitation program “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors

INIQUE Volume Fat Graft

Volume Fat Graft 01

When do you need Volume Fat Graft?

  • 01

    If you want to add volume without foreign material

  • 02

    If you want to improve the face ratio

  • 03

    If you want to correct the contour of the face without bone surgery

  • 04

    If you want to change your image to a baby face

Volume Fat Graft 02

We Increase Engraftment and Create a Natural Line

  • 01

    Maximizing engraftment
    with PRP fat graft

  • 02

    Transform into a baby face image
    by filling up volumeless parts

  • 03

    Design a natural line in balance
    with the overall face


Volume Fat Graft 03

Difficult Special Area Fat Graft, Sunken Eyelid Correction

  • 01

    A lively, young image by effectively
    improving the
    sunken eyelid

  • 02

    Back to daily activities without downtime

  • 03

    Semi-permanent effect

Points for safe and natural results


  • Injection into the proper target layer (precisely under the muscular layer)
  • Microfat graft for selectively separating small and fine fat particles
  • Adjustment of an accurate dose to avoid bulging or bumps
  • Full understanding and surgery expertise on the anatomical structure
    of the eyes


Focuses on natural-looking beauty


  • Extensive cases and expertise from first surgery to revision surgery
  • Operating Surgeon on “Let Me In Thailand” Seasons 1-3
  • Received award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Officially
    recognized expertise through textbooks and thesis presentations
  • Patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office for unique facial contouring surgery techniques
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