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INIQUE Tight Cheekbone
Reduction Surgery

A look that appears perfect and natural from any angle
without sagging cheeks


INIQUE Representative Surgery,
Tight Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Tight Cheekbone Reduction Surgery is INIQUE’s representative surgery that prevents the sagging if cheeks,
which is the most common complication of Cheekbone Reduction Surgery,
while also maximizing the effect of 45-degree cheekbone reduction.
INIQUE’s patented technique prevents nonunion and malunion through a perfect surgery on the contact surface of the bones.
It offers a satisfactory finish and appearance as well.

INIQUE Cheekbone Reduction Surgery
provides a slim, natural look

  • 01

    Unique technique

    patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office

  • 02

    Proven expertise

    Publication of theses
    in international academic journals

  • 03

    Surgery time:

    50 min.
    Short surgery time

  • 04

    Recovery time

    1 week

  • 01

    The biggest worry after a cheekbone surgery is saggy cheeks!

    INIQUE’s technique provides slimmer cheeks without a droopy look.

  • 02

    The 45-degree

    provides a look that appears perfect from any angle.

  • 03

    Zero complications, from the initial surgery to revision surgery.

    Perfect Cheekbone Reduction Surgery, even on CT.

Natural-looking beauty

INIQUE Tight Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Publication of thesis on Cheekbone Reduction Surgery in SCI-class international academic journal

  • Method on reducing cheekbones through repositioning the cheekbone without restraining the body to eliminate source of sagging cheeks

  • Translated book Complementary
    Fat Grafting(2008)

  • Published book Aesthetic plastic surgery of Asian face

  • Early Metabolic Changes and its Considerations after Liposuction

  • Power-Assisted Liposuction and Periareolar Pull-out Technique for the Treatment of Gynecomastia


A method of reducing the cheekbone through the repositioning of cheekbones,
instead of making a surgical incision on the cheekbones,
in order to achieve the permanent prevention of saggy cheeks

3D CT inspection for
accurate analysis of the bone structure

  • Introduction of Green16 model to reduce radioactive exposure through fast photographing speed
  • Multidimensional diagnosis of the bone structure with 3D CT
  • Facial contour correction based on an accurate diagnosis
    of bone structure
  • Aesthetic sense pursuing natural beauty

    We pursue natural beauty that
    looks like you were born with it

  • Operating surgeon for facial contouring surgeries in “Let Me In Thailand” Season 1-3

    Doctor on the medical team on “Let Me In Thailand,” a Representative plastic surgery rehabilitation program “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors

  • Extensive surgical experience & proven expertise

    Officially recognized technology through thesis presentations and trademark registrations

Patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office

INIQUE’s unique technique!

INIQUE Tight Cheekbone Reduction Surgery Patent No : 40-2019-0090989

아이니크 광대축소술 노하우

아이니크 광대축소술 01

Slimmer without the sagging cheeks

The biggest problem with Cheekbone Reduction Surgery is the saggy cheeks that appear after surgery.
INIQUE prevents the occurrence of sagging cheeks by reducing the cheekbone through repositioning of the bone,
without resecting bones.

Why do the cheeks sag?

The sagging of cheeks is the bunching of flesh (soft tissue)
that occurs during the process of resecting and joining bones.

INIQUE prevents the bunching of soft tissue, namely the sagging cheeks,
by repositioning bones, rather than resecting bones.


INIQUE Cheekbone Reduction Surgery Procedure

  • STEP1

    Perform a resection on the cheekbone and arch

  • STEP2

    Rotate the cheekbone inward, centering on the front cheekbone.

  • STEP3

    Push the cheekbone towards the back.

  • STEP4

    Tidy up and smoothen the 45-degree cheekbone and the point of the step. Then, fixate.

아이니크 광대축소술 02

Offering a look that looks perfect from any angle
by gorgeously scaling down the 45-degree cheekbone.

This multi-dimensional surgical method provides a facial line that appears beautiful from
any angle by setting the 45-degree cheekbone area further back.

아이니크 광대축소술 03

Perfect bone contact surface that prevents complications

  • The shape of cheekbone before surgery

  • Smooth joint surface after surgery

INIQUE Tight Cheekbone Reduction Surgery does not resect bones, thus providing excellent
contact surfaces between bones and reducing surgical complications,
such as nonunion or malunion, that often occur as a result of such surgery.

General Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Partially resecting bones may cause nonunion or malunion.

INIQUE Tight Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Repositioning of bones by pushing the cheekbone inward provides a fast and accurate union, as it does not require the removal of bones.


INIQUE’s Unique Revision Surgery!

광대축소 재수술 사례 01

A revision surgery case offering
a 45-degree cheekbone reduction

The following is the revision case of a patient
who had cheekbone reduction surgery using a bone resection method.
A revision surgery was conducted due to the poor outcome of 45-degree cheekbone reduction.

INIQUE’s revision surgery moves the cheekbone towards the back without resecting bones,
thus effectively scaling down the 45-degree cheekbone

광대축소 재수술 사례 02

Revision surgery case required because
of the nonunion of cheekbones

In the case of the nonunion of cheekbones after a cheekbone-resecting surgery,
a revision surgery should be conducted to restore the continuity of bones,
as well as a normal bone structure.


Focuses on natural-looking beauty


  • More than 1,000 eye surgeries and revision surgeries in one year
  • Operating surgeon on “Let Me In Thailand” Seasons 1-3
  • Received award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Officially
    recognized expertise through textbooks and thesis presentations
  • Unique technology patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office
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