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Nose Surgery by Type

INIQUE's nose surgery changes the overall balance of the face
by three-dimensionally shaping the profile line by type


INIQUE Contemplates Nose Surgery
Time and Again.

INIQUE’s nose surgery is not just about raising the nose bridge.
We consider functional aspects while we design for balanced beauty.

  • Nose design in harmony with the face

    You cannot expect ideal beauty from a textbook ratio.
    INIQUE considers the ratio of individual faces and designs comprehensively.

  • Nose surgery that considers
    functional aspects

    We consider the internal structural problem of the nose and the breathing function to retain natural beauty for a long time.

Natural-looking, beautiful

INIQUE’s Nose Surgery Expertise

INIQUE’s special nose surgery that
never loses beauty from any angle or under any circumstances

  • 01

    Minimizing side effects with autologous tissues and safe materials approved by the FDA

  • 02

    Comprehensively considering the anatomical structure and functional aspects of the nose

  • 03

    Tailored design
    in harmony with
    the overall face

INIQUE establishes a plan tailored to individual nose types and characteristics,
and puts safety first for a natural nose line that lasts a long time.

Special Change, INIQUE End of Nose Surgery

  • Aesthetic sense,
    pursuing natural beauty

    We pursue natural beauty
    that looks inherent from birth.

  • Received commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare

    Extensive eye surgery experience & surgical expertise Recognized through textbooks and thesis presentations

  • Operating Surgeon in Let Me In Thailand Seasons 1-3

    Representative plastic surgery rehabilitation program “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors

INIQUE Nose Surgery by Case


Low Nose Surgery

Artificial prosthesis is implanted to shape the nose bridge and the nose tip.
INIQUE not just elongates the nose but considers the overall balance of the face.

  • STEP1

    Elongate the nose bridge

    Nose bridge prosthesis

    Select the most suitable prosthesis by considering the height of the frontal bone and the nasal bone, and the needs of each individual to create a natural and balanced nose bridge.

  • STEP2

    Elongate the nose tip

    Nose tip autologous tissue

    Adjust the height and volume of the nose tip using autologous tissue (ear cartilage, nasal septal cartilage) to create a natural line.


Hump Nose Surgery

It is difficult to expect a naturally beautiful nose just by rounding the protruding nose bridge.
INIQUE’s knowhow creates a natural line by adjusting the nasal bone and the cartilage together.

  • Slightly protruding nose bridge +
    minor deflection of nose tip

    Precisely cut the bumpy bone and the cartilage in the middle of the nose bridge to create a natural line.

  • Significantly protruding nose bride +
    deflected nose tip

    Gather the bone and cartilage to balance the nose line.
    In some cases, a prosthesis is implanted to elongate the nose bridge.


Bulbous Nose Surgery

INIQUE analyzes the shape and the cause of each individual's bulbous nose
to find a smart looking line in balance from the nose bridge to the nose tip.

  • CASE of fatty nose tip
    and thick skin tissues

    Remove unnecessary subcutaneous fat to create a slim nose tip.

  • CASE of broad or gapped cartilage
    at the nose tip

    Firmly tie the bluntly gapped nose tip cartilage
    and the nasal septal cartilage.


Crooked Nose Surgery

Having a crooked columella can lead to health issues including nasal obstruction, rhinitis and empyema.
INIQUE makes an accurate diagnosis via 3D CT and considers the aesthetic results and functional problems at the same time.

  • CASE of nose tip crooked
    to one side

    Performed if deviation is minor.
    Cartilage graft or dermograft is performed to correct deviation.

  • CASE of crooked nasal
    septal cartilage

    Correct a crooked nasal septum to be straight and secure firmly to the center of the nose tightly.

  • CASE of crooked
    nasal bone

    Fracture both sides and the center of the crooked nasal bone to adjust to the proper position.


Short Nose Surgery

The most difficult nose surgery where the expertise of the medical team is very important.
INIQUE applies tailored solutions according to the nose shape and the tilt of the nose tip.

  • CASE of upturned nose tip

    Implant the nasal septal cartilage to adjust the position of the alar cartilage and correct the upturned nose tip downwards.

  • CASE of significantly short nose

    The ‘costal cartilage,’ the strongest cartilage in our body, is used to extend the length of the nose and fix it firmly.


Long Nose Surgery

A long nose is caused by a structural problem of the nasal septal cartilage or the alar cartilage.
INIQUE improved hump and drooping nose tip symptoms of a long nose to create natural beauty.

  • CASE of drooping alar cartilage

    Cut the drooping alar cartilage and reposition it up on the nose bridge >to improve the drooping nose tip.

  • CASE of excessively long nasal septal cartilage

    Partially cut the lower part of the drooping nasal septal cartilage or cut the muscle that pulls the nose tip for improvement

3D CT inspection for
accurate analysis of the bone structure

  • Introduction of Green16 model to reduce radioactive exposure through fast photographing speed
  • Multidimensional diagnosis of the bone structure with 3D CT
  • Precise surgical plan based on accurate diagnosis


Focuses on natural-looking beauty


  • Officially recognized expertise through textbooks and thesis presentations
  • Operating Surgeon on “Let Me In Thailand” Seasons 1-3
  • Received award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office for unique facial contouring surgery techniques
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