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Eyelash Raising·
Scar Revision Surgery

Making raised eyelashes and scars after double eyelid surgery
look more natural


Scars after double eyelid surgery,
why does it happen?

Depressed scars and raised eyelashes are typical symptoms
that occur when the double eyelid lines are deeply fixed during surgery.

  • 01

    Eyelash raising

  • 02

    Depressed scars

Occurs occasionally if double eyelids are fixed high or if double eyelids are directly fixed to the levator aponeurosis that opens the eyes. In these cases, the skin under the double eyelids is stretched and thinned, causing a height difference from the upper double eyelid line. As a result, depressed scars form and deep double eyelids are created. “Eyelash raising” also occurs as eyelashes dragged along.

Natural-looking, beautiful

INIQUE’s Eye Revision Surgery Expertise

  • Aesthetic sense, pursuing natural beauty

    We pursue natural beauty
    that looks like you were born with it.

  • Extensive eye surgery experience & surgical expertise

    More than 1,000 eye surgeries
    and revision surgeries in one year

  • Operating surgeon in
    “Let Me In Thailand”
    Seasons 1-3

    Representative plastic surgery rehabilitation program “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors “Let Me In Thailand” medical team of doctors

QWhen is it possible to have eye revision surgery?

AAfter 6 months or immediately!

In general, revision surgery is possible 6 months after a surgery once the hard scars soften. However, if symptoms are severe and a normal social life is not possible due to the symptoms, revision surgery can be done at any time.

Eyelash Raising·Scar Revision Surgery


Find an accurate point to fix the double eyelid line.

It is important to fix double eyelids to a natural position
to prevent depressed scars caused by fixation.

Natural skin crease, a guideline for double eyelid surgery
The eyelid has natural skin creases according to the movement of the eyes. Non-surgical double eyelids have naturally-folding wrinkles along these skin creases. Accordingly, we design double eyelids along these natural skin creases to leave no trace of surgery or incision.


Adjust the depth of double eyelids

The principle of creating double eyelids is fixing the skin of the double eyelid line to the tarsal plate or the surrounding tissue.
Fixing the skin as shown in Figure 2 in the image creates the most natural line.

Fixation points for double eyelid line

  • 1Depressed scars or raised eyelashes may be caused due to deep fixation
  • 2Appropriate height for fixation of double eyelids
  • 3Double eyelids may be too loose or become loosen


Focuses on natural-looking beauty


  • More than 1,000 eye surgeries and revision surgeries in one year
  • Operating surgeon on “Let Me In Thailand” Seasons 1-3
  • Received award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Officially
    recognized expertise through textbooks and thesis presentations
  • Unique technology patented in the Korean Intellectual Property Office
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